Image courtesy-Wikipedia

The devil is many things,

he just ain’t no fool

the devil is a genius

in the company of his minions

strutting among his army of toiling serfs

day in day out

genius loves company

-the devil is no exception-and beauty

or put another way

the company of the beautiful

beautiful women with brains

accompanied by their handsome suitors

it’s all an army

an army of obedient soldiers

strong, gentle, sculpted men of discipline,

watchful cops

good-looking scientists and their beautiful offspring at the Doctor’s-it blows me away.

he “loves things and uses people” (quote not my own)

even the beasts he loves them the same way

-with placid temperaments

The devil has such refined taste,

ev’rything beautiful he must possess,

ain’t nothing wrong with that,

he’s a prince after all

a ‘dark ‘ prince

those who have had the courage to pay him a visit

have come back with their tales,

that he has in his company the most fabulous people,

visionaries, dreamers, mystics and heretics,

and that when the devil is in the mood,

he’s a riot

The brazen buccaneer holds court tonight

flanked by his seers and temptresses

and all this witnessed by rulers of foreign empires

outlaws and gangsters on holiday

“Oh, but the most glorious rebels!!!

-I shall say no more. adios amigos!