The Shift Accelerates

“A time to educate and inform. Pass it on if you please….”
-happy 2020-

Judith Kusel


As the immensely powerful shifts now occurring is pushing us more and more in the higher frequency bands with the opening of the immense cosmic portals from the Giza Pyramids to Sirius and the from Sirius linking us directly again to 7th Central Sun of Illumination.  More than this, it has opened the immensely powerful sun discs and the energy they emit.

These sun discs are not only massive and immense torus energy vortices, but smaller ones were used in ancient times to store Universal knowledge and information and download it directly into the mind.  Thus, information could not be distorted nor twisted, nor used in detrimental ways.

With this the Crystal Pyramids and the Spinal Column of the Earth have been reactivated and massive earth changes are upon us.

This shift now goes directly into heart.

The mindless running of the rat race, and quest for that ultimate…

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mountain pass

she’d said it often she’d find him

should he ever attempt to leave without goodbye

that he could never hide from her

(-couldn’t manage it anyway)

anyhow, never-

it wouldn’t have crossed his mind,

had it not been for the recollection

of the look in her eyes,

her distant, wise look as he turned his shoulder

turned on the ball of his foot

and, as though she already knew

she uttered not a word

but murmered a slow bye,

a promise to herself

to this man

she’d loved and clasped and held onto

with desperation

and a kind of despair

remembering how they’d met

almost brought a tear to her eyes

but she remained brave and sought

in her heart, something to give him,

a sort of parting gift

of the days spent drifting through life, of his gentle way

his poise,

his luck and his fortune

of the poet in his soul,

he’d spoken of the legend of…

a distant past

and a glory hard to fathom in those days

“eagles fly with eagles”|

i remember you.

mountain pass


The Unwanted Visitor

i like how you write. crisp, communicative and clean. i am in between jobs right now and not properly located in life. i have a brand new laptop to use, and many, many dear things to say to others…

Whosoever Will, May Come

Image result for Alter Ego Drawings

There was a loud, persistent rapping on my door. Fearing it might be a Jehovah’s Witness, I cautiously tip toed across the room and peeked through the opening in the drapes. It was even worse. There on my doorstep was my pesky alter ego with his silly hat and cape wanting another dumb conversation. He had been reading my blog and noticed that it is still doing poorly. So few followers and even fewer comments. I told him I swear the “Follow” button malfunctioned a long time ago. It’s also stuck where it says site views per hour in the last 24 hours. It keeps registering 0. He scoffed and poo pooed melike I was a habitual liar.

” Look,” he continued, “The problem is, your posts are boring.”

  “No, they’re not!” I whined defensively. “You’re just jealous because you can’t write anything worth squat.”

My alter ego…

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The Boy From Po Toi

you are my muse

Global Sojourns Photography

Echoes of a ghost?  Of the future?  Of the past?

There is a feeling of perplexity.  I’m no longer standing in the conference room on the top floor of a skyscraper.  There are no floor-to-ceiling windows with Hong Kong harbor far below.  And my Armani suit?  Transformed into what appears to be rags.     

There is panic, but also familiarity.  I look down at my hands holding huge buckets of supplies, filled to the brim; shocked to learn I can hold so much.  My first instinct is to drop the buckets, must be too heavy but the weight is electric. My arms and shoulders are full of life.

I let out a lighthearted sigh. I’m not sure what I am doing but it feels right.

Beside me, the sea glimmers with life while the sun prepares for another colorful dive to end the day. I’d like nothing better than to sit peacefully and…

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Just hello

It has been raining well into two months now. Heavy rain really, and very cold, windy nights while i seem to recall a meteorological report predicting them to last into early may. There is a good side to all that water though as evinced by the abudant, cheap fresh produce. Fresh beens, french beans, aubergines and everything else not predictably for export. There will be a bountious harvest this season and a likely surge in the numbers of newborn human babies and  other species as well.

Kampala is lately crawling with visitors from everywhere. When i recognize Americans among our visitors, i often get an irresistible urge to holla out or run and catch up with them or if we are passing each other, to grab a shoulder and spin them around and then ask whether they are from the East Coast(Washington DC, Maryland anyone). I want to break out into an accent. I want so badly to ask about the new-look DC that was only beginning to be rebuilt shortly before i left in 2011.  About Mass Av, or North Capital, the Waterfront. What is the new and exciting trend in the district. How about Adams Morgan? Or Downtown Silver Springs. Please let on. There was so much free literature and a library i loved to visit and sit in, on Saturdays, when i could find time. Ohh….such a long time ago it was.

See, the world is a great place to be if you know how to find things. I haven’t seen my elder sister since mid-november 2012. It’s coming up to six years now. But she is well in the U.S as she should be, working and doing things that advance her cause. I miss her. There is a lot going on in many places. There is a sort of elegant waltz in the far east, another of the tiresome, endless round of diplomatic back-and-forths in the Arab world urging restraint on all sides and doing everything to end the wars out there. There is great deception taking place behind sturdy doors. Do you know a thing i dont? Would you pass me some gossip if you could?

i am spending a lot of time listening to the good ol’ music i once heard when i was younger and spent so many joules running somewhere to find things. I like being and feeling this way that i know am. It gives me a lot of freedom knowing the truth and being certain of some things. That’s power and being the man i am, i frequently exercise it gently, a little sweetly sometimes, and with kids especially, cautiously. i do not plan to hurt them or teach them anything wrong. The world is a hard place, built for guys who survive only through being able to outlive bad situations. I need to see an epic 2018 movie. Any suggeswtions for me?

Soliloquy in Thought No. 1

the writer is immortal,the writer is king

The Guise Side of the Story

A word of empassioned influence, the crowd in the palm of the hand, of the speaker and his confidence, a great more great with falling sand.

A lesson amongst the madness, the co tent vast and growing, of better lives and greater minds, a time of knowledge flowing.

A discussion with the people, the matter to be addressed, of changing what one knows, a life that has been blessed.

A challenge to authority, the power undermined, of information scrutinised, a difficult endeavour.

A mention in praise of effort, the journey nears an end, of undetermined learnings, a process ought to mend.

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what’s in a word?

Saying sorry to a person you feel you may have annoyed or actually intentionally annoyed frees you from carrying the burden of guilt around with you. It  clears the way for making up or “patching things up” as they say. Why would anyone think it is belittling to eat humble pie? It is, to say the least, rather quite  unconscionable  for a right-thinking person to hold the view that making an apology is reversing oneself in any way. You apologize because you have acknowledged wrong-doing. No one is going to reach out to strike you. It is a noble gesture and one which shows a sort of sophisticated morality. It is the gentle thing to do.

I am preparing my bits now. I will then keep reviewing my statement of apology. I need to use a sensitive approach as i go about it. Just saying sorry? Oh come off it! Genuinely and without a dab of pride signifying  some high-minded notion of intellectual supremacy. We get so caught up with the socially-observed “effects” of such gestures. When you genuinely apologize for a slight, slander, malicious utterances etc, you get it out of your conscience and breath easy afterwards. It should also remove feelings of rancor on the part of the aggrieved party and help you live long. We all deserve to be unconditionally happy(even us adults).

Are you with me?  Pick the correct time. If the fall-out was really bad, get some advice first, from a trusted confidant. Choose your words carefully. If you must, involve a third party. Should it happen that the other person refuses to take your apology, for lack of grace or such, you the apologist needs to take it in stride and back off gently with plans to try again later (perhaps at a better time). They’ll eventually give in if your  efforts are sincere enough and whether you are doing it for the sake of peace.

We all err, believe that. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes because we are, er…only human. Guilt is a burden. Believe that also.

stay blessed

A converging of paths

Happy new year and good riddance 2017. You were bad, monotonous and so drawn out and extended it is hard to fathom how you packed in all you did. i am the kind who likes order. I do not like upheaval. I prefer not to be upstaged when i am running my show. When i look back at my accomplishments of 2017, when i start to feel a soaring pride in them, i want to let out an extended, made-for-the-natives loud scream of self-congratulation.  But equally, during the review of a year bygone, when i come across a pattern that might prove an instance of discontinuity, i get annoyed and cannot help feeling betrayed by someone or something, seen or unseen, a conspiracy of forces that caused the crease in a year  or  it seems everything conspired in 2017 to rob me of so much……joy, ambition,   and more than i cannot list here that i had tenaciously held onto. The love of human beings is very fickle to say the least, or, “as inconsistent as the moon”

The year in review took a meandering route, took too long to end and  left me  the sharp memory of a  bristly experience i  had on my blog here . . nothing life-changing only that it left me  feeling technically limited.   i felt inadequate and dangling on a string (reminds me of an adorable picture of a kitten dangling by a string with the caption below, “faith isn’t faith until it’s the last thing you are holding onto”.) very unnerving but…”tough times don’t last.”. I managed to fix it yesterday.


Today i have a spot of good news for you. i found my old friends again. We had been out of touch for a while, quite long to be truthful. I suppose none of us was purposely trying to keep away from the others it’s just we were, quite separately too engrossed in our own lives. We grew up. We went away from home. We came back. We met new people in the process. We developed and worked new connections. The thread of friendship we had meticulously weaved was left to run while “life went on”. Time waits for nothing.

You see, we were last together, as friends in 2000 when the world was still young and in the days i talk of, quite also apparently relatively carefree and “thriving” so to speak. Fast-forward to the present, we have grown into fully-packaged, separately-bottled, distinguished adults complete with our personal foibles. Sometimes when some of us meet, there are the little awkward adjustments we make and on the part of some, at unguarded moments during conversation, accusations resembling those similar to charges of infidelity may escape one’s conscience. One might call that a Freudian slip. Of people making themselves  incommunicado and not “keeping the faith”. Of growing apart. It is a problem of perception or how one sees the world. It may be about a friend who may have forgotten to keep a promise here, or elsewhere, or plain not kept in touch. Failure in certain critical steps. I am awake now.  Thank god i have learnt to let go and to forgive myself the past. Before i leave,

“….to our dearly departed comrade and singularly creative spirit, dizz, a stellar representative of the African Legends crew, the void you left will forever remain empty but you live on in our hearts and memories. Thank you for sharing your life with us as an individual and visual expressionist, we shall miss you dearly….”

Rest In Peace Dennis Oscar Ggaliwango Mubuke”

2017 is gone, bye bye, i have learned to accept some losses as inevitable consequences of this thing called life. I am beginning to rediscover the simple pleasures. like being who you truly want to be by being around people who matter to you. Mostly. see you,

Gotta go