Big Things

We are living in frightful times, folks. Last week i read about the “discovery” of a new, “shrimp-like” species of marine life found off of New Zealand that had not been seen before. Then this morning i read about the beached Whale Shark in Karachi, Pakistan. Did anybody see the picture? Man, that’s a huge shark! These are beginning to look like the deep-sea creatures of myth which have probably not been seen in eons because they swim on the bottom of sea-floors scouring the sand deserts for food, undisturbed in their daily rhythms of life, probably faintly aware of man but with no need to make contact. My theory is that, as normally occurs, there has been disturbance in their natural habitat which has caused them to “roam” out of their immediate circle and into our own. I will not fret too much about it anyway, i live far from the sea and out in the country where i am surrounded by mountains. The only threats are grizzly bears but somehow am comforted by the thought that there are plenty of orchards and farms in my vicinity (yawn) and anyway, i live on the second floor of my apartment block. That’s alright though. Stay tuned, i’ll keep you posted about anything else i see out here.