Finest Hour

Why do we drive? Because it’s convenient. The car as an industrial concept was a long time in development and goes as far back as horse-drawn wagons or further back to other cruder vehicular designs, to carriages, to the Daimler design of the 19th century and on up to the modern cars produced today. Next to smoke stacks, the car is the most distinct feature of today’s landscape. Buying a car is the most important investment to many new employees. It is also modern man’s most flexible means of conveyance, dearest and most personal of his inventions, beloved toy to some and also the carrier of humankind’s civilization. A car is the most obvious indicator of one’s station in life and is also what motivates most people to achieve more so as to drive a better car. Is there a future without cars? It is hard to imagine that but I believe there is. I think somewhere down the road we’ll have to let it go. As much as we don’t like to admit it, it is the major constant and ceaseless polluter of the living environment. All the smog in cities like LA, California, who’s the culprit?  Cars. What’s responsible for the smog hovering over cities in China and India today? Car exhaust fumes. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how much fuel is burnt each day by cars on our roads. We could put that fuel to better use!

If some other form of motorized transportation could be developed, will we be able to give up our cars? The answer for me is yes. As a conscientious human being, i have also realized that iron ore will run out someday, then how will we manufacture cars? From scrap? For how long? How about the so-called ‘black gold’, the current industrial and domestic fuel source? What is the fuel of the future?. As civilization progresses, we are increasingly being faced with doom. There are many perturbing questions but few answers. We are soon coming to the ‘hour of reckoning’. I am preparing for it and i hope others are preparing as well. It’s time we weaned ourselves of automobile dependence and invest in some other transportation mode.