The Largest Private Home in America

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Our next stop on the trip – Biltmore Estate – the largest private home in America.

Unlike the other members of the Vanderbilt family who built summer homes in the Northeast, George Vanderbuilt chose Asheville in western North Carolina in the Blue Ridge mountains. Built between 1889-1895, it is a 250 room French Renaissance chateau.


Biltmore-2 The original model for the estate

Biltmore-3 The rooftop view

Biltmore2-2 The front entrance showcasing the elaborate spiral staircase

Biltmore2-4 The interior view of the spiral staircase, with the chandelier that runs the height of the stairs

Biltmore2-1 Edith Vanderbilt

Edith Vanderbilt
Although the home looks like it is stone, it is a limestone facade built over a structure made of brick and steel I-beams. This, along with brick fire doors, made the building very fire proof. This construction was one of the reasons it was used to store pictures from the National Gallery during World War II. This…

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