A dismal plan

There shall be peace on earth

Or there won’t be an earth

-you can take my word for it

there shall be wise men

To rise up and lead

With bold action and a sure step

Going forth with a steady vision;

calm gleam in the eye

Where shall we live on earth?

shall we live by the edge of the sea

in order

to guide back returning ships

heavy-ladden with goods from foreign lands

my dear?

perhaps we will be happier further up the coast

where we will live in a staid villa

And take walks in expansive quiet parks

There will not be snarling dogs

Or hissing snakes

I dream of a forest nymph

Doing a dainty dance all alone

Oblivious to obvious stare

Eerily at peace

I dream of a time to come

Such as non before

A time of sovereignty and peace

We will take our walk along the boulevard

And survey our grand empire of a city

In the soft light breeze of an evening hour

And atop a hill off to the side,

take in the sweeping view

and marvel at the wondrous nature

of our work

music and laughter and mirth

shall be all we know

come with me mon armie

lets take our walk

our walk of truth and purpose

now older

more certain of our beliefs

come with me on a whim;

nay-have faith

the word is right