The Love Thief

The Love Thief

last night i had a sound sleep

don’t wonder why this morning

i am in a righteous mood

just let me be

let me be me

let me speak my piece

speak the sage truth, speak loud and clear

speak for all to hear

speak to the high and low

speak to those who scorn me

that i am “too self-absorbed”

so what?

I am me and that’s all

“let me be me”.

if you don’t like me-ignoble scum-F u and F off

my happiness does not hinge on your approval

i know i am a just man, let me be self-absorbed

let me speak my piece

speak it to those who claim they love me

but do not value the honor of manhood

so let me speak my piece

speak to the caves and whispering trees

speak to the thief

speak to the mists and twists of time

inquire from it where it has taken my love

“where is she hid, time?”

look at me, see how sad and blue?

where is my love, thief?