‘nother one bites the dust

Nelson Mandela net image

Nelson Mandela net image

Mandela we loved you

time is a thief

Amandla we will miss you

young zulu boy

takin’ your lessons that your teacher carefully imparted

while you wrote in a legible hand

we will miss the man

lover of truth

amandla the politician,


fighting the good fight

-at great personal cost

running the lonely race

going for gold

amandla in prison,

fighting for freedom,

albeit free in his mind


playing an unpopular sport

against racist cops

feudal minds

facing menacing dogs

the thought of dying

momentary panic


hard days and long nights thinking of winnie

playing with his hands,

touching his face

feeling for change,


deep in thought

if i knew amandla,

he probably chewed pistacchios

i could see him hard at work

playing cards,

running down the right flank

deftly looping a ball into the net

casually running two miles on a sleek wet pavement at dawn

getting back to an anxious winnie

amandla enjoying a hot bowl of soup

chuckling away at the bar

dismissing angry thoughts

together with despairing friends

many lives later

now a grave amandla

sitting sipping a cognac

a new man

old foes

new friends

life is here

amandla at his desk

amandla tanned, gray and dignified,



at peace with himself

shaking hands and turning his back

umkhonto we sizwe, we will miss you