where in the world are you?

A ship on the high seas. Paper is a major product in international trade.

The world continues to sustain it’s romance with paper and with newspapers, despite electronic media alarmists’ prediction that our love with it would fizzle with the advent of kindle. What, i mean, what say you kindle?  They were wrong for that and also wrong in that paper has a life and health all it’s own which cannot be threatened by any modern gizmo. Paper is essential for commerce both to record transactions and as packaging materials. The existence of paper is an enduring aspect of civilization and not only as print medium but also as a practically indispensable  part of everyday life. Please do not touch my paper. Tell me in what way our love has not endured. Sadly, we also discard a lot of paper, i think most refuse comes in form of paper. These days, i try to recycle kitchen and bathroom paper towels.  Each time after i have rinsed my hands at the kitchen sink, i wipe them off and spread the towels out to dry. I do the same thing after using the bathroom only this time i put them away, in my pull-out drawer part of the bathroom.  They dry fast, maybe 15 minutes and i will use them at least two more times before discarding. It has conditioned my mind to minimize on their use actually.

Lately, and whenever i can help it, i also turn down plastic bags at the local store not only because we already have a closet full of them but because i have begun to feel as though we are fighting a losing battle.  We are not doing enough. Is there somebody else who thinks we have got to curb  run-away population growth? I know there is plenty of folks concerned about this. Less is more. More is less. I await a new day.