“With a quivering hand…”

Deforestation. We need to take a pause.

In yahoo science news this morning, i read an intriguing article about plastic-eating mushrooms. I take myself to be a science buff, therefore i read it through and at the end, i was pleasantly surprised to discover that that which we have tried so hard to destroy was the same environment to which we return when we need an urgent solution to our problems.  What i am referring to here is the capability of our natural environment to provide for and sustain us. I can visualize the research scientists in the forest moving in unison towards their find. Upon  encounter, they very likely took a reverential pause and looked on in wonderment as one of them stooped and plucked a mushroom out of the spongy mass, everybody staring at their peers as they gathered to analyze and mentally take notes. After deep mystical considerations had been made, the one with mushroom-in a  quasi-ecclesiastical exclamation-must have gone like, “oh mother earth we have so much to thank you for…” looking around him warily as if they were on some alien planet (and here the voice may trail off, replaced by an enigmatic silence). We have got to get back to the wild and re-discover what was lost a long time ago, the knowledge of plants and their various attributes. So much is now unknown. Other cures for what ails society today have been found in nature, a good example being natural water-purification which can be done by certain bacteria. Back to the topic, the discovery was made by Yale University researchers in a part of the Amazon forest, in Ecuador. The issue of plastics has been a thorn in the flesh for a long time because plastics are  non-biodegradable.  In fact it is mind-boggling for me to imagine anything that feeds on plastic! Brings you to the unsettling issue of how much else that we don’t know about that’s out there. Hope you enjoy!!


Don’t worry be happy

It is a life well-lived.  My boyhood days are ones i remember fondly as having been sunny and  full of experience. I was a popular kid and also liked school  a lot. When the holidays came, we’d play soccer, racquets, marbles or whatever it was. When we tired, we’d roam in the neighborhood. It wasn’t always rosy, there were times i wished i had the other kid’s remote toy car or been the one with the brand new BMX model but my friends were good kids who shared so even then i could; with a hammering heart, test out the bike. Duh, such fun-filled days those were. Now as i grow older and see what today’s kids get to do with themselves, i realize how good we had it back in the 80s. Our parents knew what we were doing, there was no suspicion. When i came home late, mom would look me over to see if i had a bruise. There where no ipods. The most we had close to hand-held devices were a walkman or donkey kong.

Our time as boys was spent in the innocent group-inquiry style of play. You tried out something, a somersault or other to impress your friends. We knew each other like that. So much bliss was contained in those moments! It is a pity to see the kids of today struggling to juggle book work and play. You see them in town, after school, very distracted and oblivious to anything else while inserting their ear plugs to listen to music. I think their world is more chaotic what with all that they have to keep up with. Then the mightiest of distractions, the phone sms! Wow, the smile conveyed on their faces makes one think they were reading from a long-lost friend! I don’t know what they are going through maybe its me who doesn’t understand. All the same, i am sure there are others like me out there, so i’ll be keeping an eye out, you know what ‘m sayin’?