A Woman to Have

just came across your piece. fresh and breezy writing, took me to the skies!


Where do I start?

Oh yes! From the beginning – the one I know! The one that could have passed for happiness or joy, if only her eyes were not too eloquent, so as to reveal an idly lurking grief! If only her smile didn’t pan off as muted; silenced like a two-month-old baby gagged with a pacifier.

But even though she smiled like a flower blossoming to life, she remained very close to tears.

There she sat under the light on a pale plastic seat, her hands rested helplessly on a cracked third generation table that barely stood still.

Time had been cruel to it but it still tolerated all tribes of beer, Even impatient horny drunks! A rainbow of cracks formed its tough look but there was a lingering sadness foaming on her silhouettes that made it hard to believe she has known happiness before.

See, the smile on…

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