“i am not happy neither ami sad”

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Those of you with short tempers beware, as i have discovered that as we head into the holiday season, people are commiting all sorts of atrocities the most enraging being the improper, trifling use of certain words. I think nowadays the term ‘class’ is bandied about too much. You hear of ‘classy restaurants’, ‘classy neighborhoods’, ‘classy jeans’ etc. It’s alright to live how you want, but that’s too much class-i can’t take it! But really, what does it mean for somebody to say that they have class or why is it important for one to have class? You’ll have to answer that yourselves, i’ve done my part and registered my disapproval, but class dictates that we consider the use of the term only where it applies; strictly and in reference to it’s implied sense of place. Quick example:

“ooh i think that was classy of him to apologise”.

You’ll hear this on tv sometimes. The use of the term in this context cheapens the noun. Why should it be considered classy for a man in the wrong to apologise? I want to say that you could replace the term with ‘decent’ and not lose any meaning. I suppose it’s decentĀ for a man to conduct himself like a gentleman in the first place, so as to avoid the embarrassing act of having to issue an apology later on. ‘Gentleman’ in this case should not be construed to mean ‘high-born’ or ‘blue-blooded’; i would take it to mean one who is cultured or who exhibits characteristics of good upbringing and of a calm demeanor, although it has also been my observation that some gentlemen exhibit an animated manner sometimes but i am discussing matters of class here. Alright, let’s continue. I am going to give it to you all, all of it now, they’s not a story for another day. Early into the 21st century but late in the year, the class thing has acquired lots of connotations and people are beginning to confuse it’s meaning with other things. This is impropriety and should not be allowed to continue. So my point is that class is inborn, it’s a ‘state of grace’, an innate characteristic of some people-you are born with it, either you have it or you don’t. Here i am reminded of a poem about charm that i read a long, long time ago and it reads in part;

“…it’s a kind of bloom on a woman,

when you have it..

when you don’t,

it doesn’t much matter what else you got…”

That’s it folks. I hope this piece allows for some reflection on other words we use in our daily lives. I will be back with more, have a good day.