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Echoes of a ghost?  Of the future?  Of the past?

There is a feeling of perplexity.  I’m no longer standing in the conference room on the top floor of a skyscraper.  There are no floor-to-ceiling windows with Hong Kong harbor far below.  And my Armani suit?  Transformed into what appears to be rags.     

There is panic, but also familiarity.  I look down at my hands holding huge buckets of supplies, filled to the brim; shocked to learn I can hold so much.  My first instinct is to drop the buckets, must be too heavy but the weight is electric. My arms and shoulders are full of life.

I let out a lighthearted sigh. I’m not sure what I am doing but it feels right.

Beside me, the sea glimmers with life while the sun prepares for another colorful dive to end the day. I’d like nothing better than to sit peacefully and…

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Just hello

It has been raining well into two months now. Heavy rain really, and very cold, windy nights while i seem to recall a meteorological report predicting them to last into early may. There is a good side to all that water though as evinced by the abudant, cheap fresh produce. Fresh beens, french beans, aubergines and everything else not predictably for export. There will be a bountious harvest this season and a likely surge in the numbers of newborn human babies and  other species as well.

Kampala is lately crawling with visitors from everywhere. When i recognize Americans among our visitors, i often get an irresistible urge to holla out or run and catch up with them or if we are passing each other, to grab a shoulder and spin them around and then ask whether they are from the East Coast(Washington DC, Maryland anyone). I want to break out into an accent. I want so badly to ask about the new-look DC that was only beginning to be rebuilt shortly before i left in 2011.  About Mass Av, or North Capital, the Waterfront. What is the new and exciting trend in the district. How about Adams Morgan? Or Downtown Silver Springs. Please let on. There was so much free literature and a library i loved to visit and sit in, on Saturdays, when i could find time. Ohh….such a long time ago it was.

See, the world is a great place to be if you know how to find things. I haven’t seen my elder sister since mid-november 2012. It’s coming up to six years now. But she is well in the U.S as she should be, working and doing things that advance her cause. I miss her. There is a lot going on in many places. There is a sort of elegant waltz in the far east, another of the tiresome, endless round of diplomatic back-and-forths in the Arab world urging restraint on all sides and doing everything to end the wars out there. There is great deception taking place behind sturdy doors. Do you know a thing i dont? Would you pass me some gossip if you could?

i am spending a lot of time listening to the good ol’ music i once heard when i was younger and spent so many joules running somewhere to find things. I like being and feeling this way that i know am. It gives me a lot of freedom knowing the truth and being certain of some things. That’s power and being the man i am, i frequently exercise it gently, a little sweetly sometimes, and with kids especially, cautiously. i do not plan to hurt them or teach them anything wrong. The world is a hard place, built for guys who survive only through being able to outlive bad situations. I need to see an epic 2018 movie. Any suggeswtions for me?