Why are we so Dumb?

I frequently visit the audio/video share site Youtube. On most days after i sign in, i check out the new uploaded files that are posted on the left side of the welcome screen. If there is new material that interests me, i click on it but most times i will open my playlist and work with some music in the background. Anyways, its old news that there is a lot of pirated stuff on Youtube. Even as i say this, i also enjoy some of the videos that i find on there, legit or not. One thing that i noted is there are lots of dedicated users that take much time editing their files before uploading. I say this because some of the files are done quite professionally. It’s a relief when people go to such lengths just to provide good quality instead of the plethora of squeaky audio/grainy video also available on the share site. To such folks i say; “bless the gods that sent thee!”. Besides these good folks is a few bad apples who callously upload copyrighted content, actions which are now bringing about this threat of shut-downs. Let’s just all try and be thoughtful and not infringe on the copyrights of artists who work very hard to entertain us.