mountain pass

she’d said it often she’d find him

should he ever attempt to leave without goodbye

that he could never hide from her

(-couldn’t manage it anyway)

anyhow, never-

it wouldn’t have crossed his mind,

had it not been for the recollection

of the look in her eyes,

her distant, wise look as he turned his shoulder

turned on the ball of his foot

and, as though she already knew

she uttered not a word

but murmered a slow bye,

a promise to herself

to this man

she’d loved and clasped and held onto

with desperation

and a kind of despair

remembering how they’d met

almost brought a tear to her eyes

but she remained brave and sought

in her heart, something to give him,

a sort of parting gift

of the days spent drifting through life, of his gentle way

his poise,

his luck and his fortune

of the poet in his soul,

he’d spoken of the legend of…

a distant past

and a glory hard to fathom in those days

“eagles fly with eagles”|

i remember you.

mountain pass