Times have changed

The times are changing. Everywhere things are not the same. World wide farmers have lost their crops to floods. In East Africa, there is a ravaging drought that has left Pastoralists without livelihoods. Everywhere there is crisis. The weather has changed. In many areas of the world there is food shortage. The photographs of starving somali provide a clear picture of this grim reality. What has caused this catastrophic events? Most people agree it is global warming. Because there are more cars on roads, more industries, more combustion, atmospheric heat keeps on increasing. Higher temperatures on earth affect rainfall patterns, weather, and disrupt food production. Now there is hunger and disease, death and destruction. There is despondence. It is time to take note of these changes. Time to rise up. There are many problems but we must rise to the challenge and take responsibility. The time is now.

The times are changing. We can reduce our Carbon footprint if we start by reducing household waste generation. This will cut down volume of waste  heading to dumpsters which conversely reduces that headed to landfills. If you have been to a landfill, you know what it looks like. At these landfills, decomposing waste releases heat and toxic gases. Some of those gases like Carbon Dioxide, methane etc  trap heat in the atmosphere which leads to global warming. Therefore, if we are serious about doing something to help the planet, we could start by cutting down on the waste heading to the dumpsters.  That is a starting point.