The year that was

Happy new year…i heard the words it was nice like warm chocolate and went quietly over and here is 2016. i cautiously peel the page on the new one and understand it could well be the pet with unknown habits. How was 2015? How did it end? Did it end on a note of triumph, mischief, or was it all a tragic disgraceful event where you ended up bent into compliance. Did it leave a bad aftertaste that made you regret allowing people to ride roughshod over you when you allowed them unfettered freedoms? (Do not wring your hands, go on and like the post).

The new year is still too new to fret about but i warn you, i so badly want fresh things in this one here. I want to feel the keen side of 2016, the biting, cutting sarcastic side of it. I read too much muck last year i think i caught the bug for a dose of some feel good hormone…i need plenty of gimme-that type of moments… i need sleaze!

I dont want to read anything to make me snort or look at anything that gives play to whatever impulse tickles my conscience without really having the slightest idea about how good it’s going to get . I want the stuff!

In the year, connivers have it out there will be enough to smile about and most will be busy trying to locate the tastiest morsel. I dont expect it to be laced with too much of shock value, just a morose dang sort of affair, something to keep ’em twitching. I need a sharp little bark in the brain

In the great new year is to be expected just th’ right sort of sleaze, if you get the drift, something to keep the socks dry but sobering enough to remind us how the mighty have fallen in the past and a cautionary tale to those too quick with a snide remark or a chiding smile. You too, are not immune.

So in the new year, be gruff and earthy, demand with righteousness. Let them feel they are a-comming on to you, be smug and content, share, learn to share-i will be on this end waiting with itchy toes. Pass on and foster not anyone’s bad habits. Let us all thrive and live long.

2016 will be the great new year we’ll get to find out nothing lasts forever, everything good comes in small doses. If someone loves you, it’s only right to love ’em back, that’s the spirit so do the dew, don’t sweat the small stuff, let us all care and peaceful journey.