2017, here we go


Donald Trump taking the oath of office. online image

Jan 20th marked a turning point in America’s history. The world watched as Donald John Trump, billionaire businessman, economist and real estate developer was sworn in as the 45th POTUS. People who are politically savvy had foreseen it and were not surprised whatsoever. They resorted to playing the waiting game. Waiting to hear about the grand balls, the glitter, the soft laughter floating down from DC’s hotel rooftops on the cold, dry nights. The ladies, the chauffeurs, the doormen bowing with curtsy, the clatter of high heels, the young men taking charge of the ballroom floors. Anything else here?

It is so easy to see where his empire, his fat wallet factored into the equation of how to obtain a win.  Hillary Clinton had experience running public office, she also had impeccable timing, competent staff and trod well and carefully. Almost to carefully for a man such as trump, with his business man grip and sure-footed manner. To some voters, he may have seemed a refreshing sight, far from the usual back-slapping Washington political bigwigs with their scripted tight-lipped style.

Let us pause and consider the man’s journey up to this point. He was born and bred in Queensbridge, New York. He graduated with a degree in economics from one of America’s most respected business schools, Wharton School of Finance and Business, University of Pennsylvania.New Yorkers have a reputation for being tenacious hustlers and a young Trump, home for the holidays, quickly saw the opportunities while working in his father’s   builder|developer business. All it took for him after graduation was to put the lessons he learnt in practice and with his business acumen, the rest is history.

The point of this article is to sort of theorize about where America is heading with Trump as Commander-in-Chief. Will the ship sail sedately with him captaining it gallantly or what’s it going to be like these four years starting Friday 20th January 2017? He has began with a repeal of Obamacare as had been promised on the campaign trail. A lot of immigrants are wary. Their worries stem from Trump’s  rhetoric on immigration. He promised to seal the southern border. His attitude about non-whites, the poor and minority groups  is a little worrisome and the process he is going to initiate to “make America great again” is at this point unknown.

As a third world citizen, i am concerned about America’s foreign policy towards us. Will it be more balanced, more just? It is too soon to tell at this time. The world needs peace, a hell lot. Obama came in and tried to repair America’s tarnished image while employing the use of legalistic language. He travelled overseas to several countries. He addressed a mammoth stadium crowd in Germany. He hosted many dignitaries at the white House. He showed diplomatic flare handling the affairs of state. I think he did a great mop job cleaning up some of the mess Bush left in 2008.

Let us begin 2017 with hope and fasten our seat belts. The man at the helm knows that his work is cut out for him. Hopefully. Hail to the chief!



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