silver fox


“quotes: a glorious glimpse into a reading past”

“the beautiful ones are not yet born
but will be born
when the arrow of God
strikes the rising sun
the river between will overflow
and a child of two worlds
will eat a grain of wheat
the girls at war will
taste the blade among the boys
after a walk in the night

-Chinua Achebe, pioneer AWS

“and there i saw
the beginnings of dark imaginings
of felony,
the stratagems of kings
_sir Geoffrey Chaucer

thy name is woman”
edmond dantes musing about mercedes
_the count of monte cristo

“i am not very tall,
but well made
in good condition and obviously a personality”
_Balzac de honore
“so where is the cotton king?
perhaps this is he,
with his lean mule,
fighting a hard battle with debt”
_W.E.B Dubois “the souls of black folks”

“personally, i vote labor
but by all means
go into my kitchens
there perhaps you will find one of your kind”
_Lord Mountbatten,to a “lowly” Tory party canvasser


… is  the one i like. The best, most deadly and def. most nostalgic of thoughts; “the poor man is the man without dreams”. ha, carry on dreamer.

it’s been a blast thru December, really, please excuse the incompetence-Happy new year, remember the love. i love you all. got to go.bye







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