my love

there are no tears to express the pain

i feel.. great

committed to the one and no other

you are


being with you makes me feel i’ve been to other worlds

you are soooo cool i wish they’d made a miniature of you i swear!

do gods have a plan?


i dislike pretensions-

-if i meet you at a party we’ll brawl for the mike

i will sing for you RAINBOW-gene chandler


old gold



old copies of modelling magazines

a full page shot of mademoiselle

twirling with her glass of champagne

in hand


you ask how i feel, huh?

BulletProof soul


that’s how

that other song the impossible dream

Tevin campbell.


you are welcome

“i never dreamed you’d leave in summer”-stevie W.

lets here jerome chandler’s version

soul sister. 2004. Sacramento, ca. Bilal


rAphael saddiq-instant vintage

a true jewel

come back…toni braxton!

we’ll build a palace

in memory of you

“guess without you, my little life was nothing…”

truth  Mrs J.




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