muted scream

Thistle-internet image

It greets you gently,

holds your hand and doesn’t let go,

until you give it a tug,

or break it’s stare

evil is cool and listens to jasmine sullivan

on the days when evil feels great,

it goes about it’s business

with a smile on it’s face

evil is resolved

it pats your back while whispering in your ear

“do it, you have nothing to lose”

evil is warm and kind-hearted,

you’ll never suspect

when it’s on a quest

evil has an open face,

it is easy to trust

and “impossible to miss”

if you don’t recognise evil

when it knocks on your door,

and should you go ahead to invite evil indoors,

it will choose

the most comfortable spot

and sit still,

sit still, sit deep-wait

evil loves a good time ,

it will applaud when it recognises

a showman’s gimmick

it is free and frank

it won’t keep a secret

but will “tell it as it is”

evil’s problem;

evil has no feeling,

for either right or wrong

it must be confronted with truth


it’ll play with our minds,

harp on our heart strings

evoke the child in us

grinning, bouncy, intimate evil

winsome, nefarious, twinkle-eyed pixie

languorous, lingering, abominable


a purveyor of dreams

beleiver in non

it will get you high

and won’t let you down easy

it will disappear into thin air

‘where’s he, which way did it go’

evil behind the door

in front of the mirror,

examining himself

palpitating, breathing, panting evil

adjusting it’s mask,

evil now at ease;

evil at the beach

stealthy, creepy, sinister evil

up and on the move

slithering toward the saint,

evil instant

evil most definitely in love,

cold, efficient, psychical evil

evil potent, distilled and pure

primal, old, cunning evil

‘home from the sea evil’

pour out a drink,

we will celebrate the return,

ev’en as dusk draws close,

but still time must allow

the return of the savage brethren


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